About Us

Sharing Fun and Flavours with Family and Friends!

Launched in 2020, originally as an Italian restaurant, we have undergone a delicious evolution to embrace a broader Mediterranean influence in our flavours and culinary approach.

Our talented chefs take great pride in crafting a contemporary spin on traditional Italian dishes, all while infusing them with the vibrant essence of Mediterranean cuisine. One of our standout features is our commitment to using fresh pasta made right here on our premises. This dedication to the craft ensures that each pasta dish is a masterpiece, elevating the dining experience to new heights

Our story

As we navigated thru the ever changing world of COVID-19, our team which included Wharf One Food & Wine and il lido worked together to create a new business model.  Bella Fresh Pasta was then launched into the Darwin market on Monday 30 March 2020.

We were thrilled when the NT Government lifted restrictions and we were able to open restaurants again in June 2020.   With the exceptional support for our fresh pasta, gluten free pasta and ready made meals, we decided to rebrand our il lido venue at the Darwin Waterfront to Bella.. 

We are now Darwin’s favourite local Italian Restaurant, inviting you to come together with your friends & family to share an authentic Italian feast.

We are passionate about delicious Italian dishes and a fun atmosphere.

Our menu, inspired by our Italian Head Chef Adriano, heroes the very best of Italian cooking, where simplicity meets robust flavours, fresh produce combined with our Bella Fresh Pasta range.

If you can’t make it to Italy for a holiday, this is the next best thing.

OPEN 7 Day
From 11.30am to late
Lunch / Dinner / Functions


Winner of the 2020 Hospitality NT Australian Gold Plate Award for Best New Establishment